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 9:15am - Class
10:15am - Worship
6:00pm - Intersection

Wednesday Nights:

7:00pm - Youth classes


Coming Up:

Bible Classes at 9:15
Worship at 8:00 & 10:15
Family Intersection at 6:00

Supper for all families at 7:00
Sign-up deadline -Camp Cornerstone

Wednesday Night Classes

Bible Classes at 9:15
Worship at 8:00 & 10:15
Middle School Lunch, 11:30-1:30
Intersection at 6pm
HS Dinner and Devo at 7:00

Wednesday Night Classes

Bible Classes at 9:15
Worship at 10:15
Senior Sunday
Graduate Banquet at 6:00

First Night for Summer Interns
Family Come Early Wednesday
Wednesday Night Classes

Bible Classes at 9:15
Worship at 10:15
Intersection at 6:00

Dodgeball Tournament

 Classes at 9:15ip at 8:00 &


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Hey everyone - we're glad you found this webpage.  We figure you either found it because someone told you to go to to learn more about youth ministry stuff at our church...  or you just happened upon this site because you entered "awesome youth ministry" into google.  Either way, we're glad you're here. 


If you would like more information about upcoming activities/events, you can click on the "Contact" link above and send us a message.  If you are a parent of a student involved in this youth ministry, we want to make sure you get the Parent Email Update sent out each week.  Contact the church office if you are not currently receiving the update but would like to. 







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