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Gray, Annabelle.jpgAnnabelle Gray

A&M Consolidated High School


What town were you born in? West Monroe, Louisiana

How long have you gone to A&M Church of Christ? 6 years


School/Community Activities:  NHS, HOSA, Basketball, Latin Club

Church Activities: Middle School Retreat, Soul Link, Camp Cornerstone, Waco Mission Trip, High School Retreat, Winterfest, Uplift, Sunnybrook Mission Trip, Valentine's Luncheon, Paint-O-Rama, Communion to shut-ins, Illuminate, G1 Weekend, Trek, Mega Days Counselor   

What are your plans for the future? Attend Abilene Christian University - majoring in Biology following their Pre-Dental track.              

What memory of growing up in this church sticks out in your mind the most?    A memory that sticks out the most is the youth group singing in the old youth room when I was in middle school. It would be super dark only lit by strands of Christmas lights and the projector and when we sang it sounded like everyone was singing with all they had.

What is your favorite youth group memory? My favorite youth group memory is the week we spent at Sunnybrooke. I wanna say this trip was shortly after mega days so all of us counselors that were heading to Sunnybrooke were talking about mega days and getting our sleep in on the way there. When we got there though everyone was so ready to serve and full of the spirit. That week was just so peaceful and such a refreshing and fulfilling experience. Before we all went to bed was always fun too because they had old pianos where we stayed and someone would play while some of us danced to the music. It was just a great time together and a great time serving. Ha that or last years Mega Days counselor night hahaha!!                 

What is your favorite scripture? Why is it your favorite? 2 Corinthians 12:9-> Throughout my high school years I have always looked back on this verse whenever I was feeling down, unworthy, unprepared, stressed, or worried. This always reminded me that it didn't matter what negative thing I thought or felt, God makes me enough and has a plan for me and my future.

Who is your favorite Bible character? Why are they your favorite? John the Baptist, because he was humble, he always put Christ first and did what was right, even though it cost him his life.              

Who has had the most influence on your in your spiritual growth? My mom because ever since I was born she's taken me and my brother to church and taught us about God and how he loves us. When we lived in Louisiana our small church didn't have a youth group so my mom started one and lead it, teaching kids about Jesus and how to live in a way that honored him. My mom helped me grow my faith into what it is today and I couldn't imagine where I would be right now without her.              

What have you learned during the Covid-19 quarantine and by school finishing earlier than expected? I learned how our entire life can change in an instant. Everything I thought was gonna happen and had planned for did not happen. Everything I had stressed and worried about all of the sudden was no longer important. I was shown God's power and how easily things can be taken away or changed. I also gained a new perspective on life and have a new appreciation for everything God has blessed me with.

How would you like others to see you? I would like others to see me as someone who is truthful, open, non-judgmental, and kind. I want to be seen as someone people know they can rely on or call when they are feeling alone. 

What will you always remember about going to church at A&M Church of Christ? The church family at A&M Church of Christ is so inviting and always makes visitors feel welcomed. I love the way we treat everyone like family even if they are a complete stranger.              

One of the most important events in my life so far is...  Moving to Texas was one of the most important life changing thing that had happened to me. The youth group has strengthened my faith so much, and I would not have had many of the amazing experiences I have had or met the wonderful people I have if I would not have moved.

What are some ways you would like to serve God in your life? I want to use the talents and gifts God gives me to go on mission trips to help those in need.  

The world would be a better place if: Everyone knew Jesus.

What would you like to say to the younger teens in the youth group? Do not be afraid to speak up and mingle. Do not waste your time wondering if someone will like or accept you because you could be sitting by your future best friend and not even know it. I say this out of experience😂😂😂     

What would you like to say/how would you express appreciation to your parents? I would tell them thank you for sharing your faith with us and helping us make it our own. Thank you for moving us to Texas, paying for all of my youth trips, being patient with me, supporting me, lifting me up when times were rough, and for being understanding when I needed that most. I could not have asked for better parents and I love y’all more than words can express!              

What would you like to say to God? Thank you for all of your patience and forgiveness!!! Thank you for choosing what is best for me even when I could not see it. God you have blessed me with so much I can not even begin to thank you for the comfortable life you have provided for me. Thank you for always being by my side and keeping me and my loved ones safe! I love youuuuuuu!!!!            

What would you like to say to our church family? Thank you for 6 wonderful years! Y’all are like a second family to me and I am so grateful to get to know y’all and be a part of this congregation!

What have you learned about God lately? I have learned just how much he has blessed me with and how gracious he is. I have also learned how through life he is the only thing that will forever stay the same.                                                                                     

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