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Hey Students - Join us on Saturday, June 20, for our first-ever Summer Ride Night for Others.  It's all about coming together to help other people.  It's kind of like a bike-athon, plus a youth event, plus a little wackiness, plus a bunch of your friends.  Here is what you need to know:


The official start time is 8:00pm, but you'll want to be here before then.  Everyone needs to be lined up by 8:00pm, at the starting line and ready to ride.  The official ending time of the riding is at 9:00pm.

What you need: 

- Something to a bike or a scooter or skates or something similar.  It must be powered by you - so none of those electronic type riding things.  Also no engined powered riding things. 

- A helmet.

- We'll have some water and gatorade, but you are welcome to bring a water bottle as well.


Where is this great event going to happen? 

At the church building.  The starting line will be under the portico and we'll have a course through the parking lot.


What's the point?

This night is all about helping others.  We're trying to raise money for two great ministries, Ciudad de Angeles in Cozumel Mexico and Project for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine.  Our money will be given to these great ministries. We can't do summer camps right now or mission trips, but we can help others...and this is a way we can help others just by getting together for a great cause.


Where does the money come from? 

Two places: 

#1: we have some people who have contributed money in advance of this event which will be divided among all students, based on how many laps you complete.

#2: every student who rides will pay a $1 entry fee.  If you want to donate any additional money (from yourself or your family) you can.  If you have any money you have earned from a job or other money which you would be willing to use to help others, you can.  However, the only thing you have to pay is $1.


What else do I need to know:

This is for all 7th-12th grade students.

Friends are welcome to come and join us. 

You might get some colored powder on your be aware of that.

At 9:00 when we are finished, we'll try to total everything up so we can know how much we raised. (plan on your parents not picking you up until at least 9:15 or so.)


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