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Cecilia Spicker


          Bryan High School  


What town were you born in? Bryan, Texas

How long have you gone to A&M Church of Christ? My entire life    


School/Community Activities: College Station Fire Academy      

Church Activities: Middle School Retreat, Soul Link, High School Retreat, Winterfest, Uplift, Paint-O-Rama, Illuminate, G1 Weekend              

What are your plans for the future? I plan to attend fire school and pursue a career in firefighting        

What memory of growing up in this church sticks out in your mind the most?    On some of the mission trips we did locally, I loved when we would go sing at people’s houses.

What is your favorite youth group memory? The elevator room at uplift             

What is your favorite scripture? Why is it your favorite? Psalm:121 7-8 I like this verse because it says how the Lord will love us no matter what, and forever.     

Who is your favorite Bible character? Why are they your favorite? Paul- he has shown the most substance and has a great impact on the Bible.              

Who has had the most influence on your in your spiritual growth? My parents 

What have you learned during the Covid-19 quarantine and by school finishing earlier than expected? I’ve learned that it’s important to cherish the time with family and friends.  

How would you like others to see you (what do you hope they would say about you)?   I hope they’d see me as a loving and giving person.

What will you always remember about going to church at A&M Church of Christ? I’ll always remember people jumping into action and being so willing to help regardless of the situation.          

One of the most important events in my life so far is...  Acceptance into fire Academy

What are some ways you would like to serve God in your life?   In everyday life, able to help people and show him through me.

The world would be a better place if: Everyone had a dog          

What would you like to say to the younger teens in the youth group? Know that the youth group always has your back. Make memories and enjoy the moment!

What would you like to say/how would you express appreciation to your parents? I want them to know that I’ve been grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for me.        

What would you like to say to God? I believe I’ve always tried my best and I hope it’s the best for him.      

What would you like to say to our church family? Thank you for everything y’all have done and given to me and my family as well. Y’all are so generous.

What have you learned about God lately? That he really works in mysterious ways, but it’s good.                                                                              


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