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We are so glad you can join us for G1 this weekend.  It's going to be a great weekend.  Here are some things you need to know:



Friday Night: We will start at 7:00pm on Friday night.  When you come to the building, come to the check-in table in the Great Hall.  All of your luggage for the weekend can be brought into the Great Hall.  Make sure you have eaten supper before you come. 

Saturday:  G1 will last all day on Saturday and will end at around 8:00pm on Saturday night.  This could be changed slightly.  We should know by Wednesday morning.  If it changes from 8:00pm, we will let you know.  Parents, you can pick up your student in the Great Hall.


On Friday and Saturday there will be lots of fun, excitement, flying Panda bears, (or at least pictures of flying panda bears) Bible study, special activities, service projects, food, and friends.  We'll have some AFC students, and a former youth intern who is now a youth minister in the DFW area, who will be serving as small group leaders and team leaders.  We'll be at our church building most of the time.


Sunday morning:  Come early for breakfast (we'll have donuts and breakfast tacos starting at 8:50) and then we'll have a combined class which will continue some of the great things from G1. Don't miss Sunday morning!

Sunday Night: On Sunday night, we'll have Huddles and Dgroups.  We also have AM Youth Parent Insight and groups for 6th grade and under.  Hope your family will be a part of these Sunday night opportunities. 


If you need to be gone at any time during G1:

We have a list of students who need to be gone at some point during G1.  If you did not tell us this information when you signed up, please email dyan@amchurch.net and let us know.  We do not want students coming to us and telling us they are leaving, unless we know about it ahead of time.  (Sorry, we've had students in the past tell us they were leaving, but later we found out the parents did not know.  That always makes for a difficult situation.) 


Parent Help:

If you are a parent and are willing to help with a few things during G1, please click here to see what help we need: amchurch.ccbchurch.com/need_detail.php


What to bring:

  • Bible (a real one, we will not be using phone Bibles this weekend)
  • Pen to write with
  • Clothes for Saturday
  • Clothes that can get wet on Saturday.   (We'll have a few water games on Saturday afternoon.) 
  • Clothes or pajamas to sleep in (you'll be sleeping at host homes)
  • Sleeping bag and pillow.  If you would like to bring some kind of bedroll or air mattress, that is fine.  These need to be small. 
  • Tennis shoes or other shoes that you can wear while playing games (and shoes you can play during water games - your shoes will probably not get super wet...so tennis shoes are fine)
  • If you have any random items you would like to bring for a special activity, you can.  We will be making a few videos and doing a few activities during the weekend in which funny clothing or accessories or funny items would be great. 



Things not to Bring:

  • Anything that is intended to be used to play a joke on someone
  • Any kind of tobacco/alcohol
  • Any kind of weapon
  • Electronics (other than a camera)
  • Earbuds or headphones of any kind
  • Boxes larger than 12ft by 12 ft
  • Water bottles that have ever been in an airplane
  • Moon rocks
  • Phone numbers with less than 7 digits



Information about Phones:

Just like at our out-of-town retreats, this will be a non-phone weekend.  We will have envelopes for you to check in your phone on Friday night.  If you need to reach your parents at any time, just ask us and you can call them.  They can also call Monty or Heather at any time and talk to you.  We are not trying to keep you from talking to your parents…just trying to help all of us to be engaged in what is happening at G1 instead of playing on our phones all weekend.



If you have any questions, let us know.  Praying for a great weekend and we're so glad you can join us!



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