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Brazos Christian School


What town were you born in? College Station, Texas

How long have you gone to A&M Church of Christ? My whole life 


School/Community Activities:    Senior Mentoring, Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, New Student Committee, Environmental Club, NHS, TAPPS Solo and Duet Acting, TAPPS Sculpture and Drawing, One Act Play, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Field, Yearbook, Teacher’s Aid, Food Bank

Church Activities: Middle School Retreat, Soul Link, Camp Cornerstone, Waco Mission Trip, High School Retreat, Winterfest, Uplift, Sunnybrook Mission Trip, Paint-O-Rama, Trek, Mega Days Counselor, LTC, Kids Praise              

What are your plans for the future? Attend Texas A&M University - majoring in Communications with a minor in Design. I want to be an Art Director.     

What memory of growing up in this church sticks out in your mind the most? My favorite memory growing up in the church was the giant Caterpillar and Butterflies sleepover that we had when we were around 10.  

What is your favorite youth group memory? My favorite youth memory is either from Sunnybrook or Trek. Both were such incredible and life changing experiences that are hard to put into words but so amazing.                           

What is your favorite scripture? Why is it your favorite? Romans 8:38-39 “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” This verse serves as such a good reminder that God is with us through it all. Nothing can ever separate from Him, whether it is good or bad."     

Who is your favorite Bible character? Why are they your favorite? Job, because he had everything and it was all taken from him, yet he still chose God and followed Him. I can only pray to have the strength that Job had and be able to pick up my cross and follow God through anything.           

Who has had the most influence on your in your spiritual growth? Probably my entire family. Each has shown me a different aspect of faith, and it has helped shape me into who I am today.          

What have you learned during the Covid-19 quarantine and by school finishing earlier than expected? I learned that not everything is going to go your way, but God will make His way evident through it all.

How would you like others to see you (what do you hope they would say about you)? I would like others to see me as someone Jesus’ light pours out of. I’m not perfect, but my goal is to leave everyone I meet feeling loved.            

What will you always remember about going to church at A&M Church of Christ? I will always remember the singing when the entire pews are filled and it sounding like a choir of angels. 

What are some ways you would like to serve God in your life?   I would like to serve Him through anything I can. Whether that is through my job, the people I meet, or the ministry I want to provide.

The world would be a better place if: pride did not exist.

What would you like to say to the younger teens in the youth group?    You are more important than you know and at any moment you can choose to help those around you. As scary as being the first to raise your hand, or volunteering to pray can be, God does not care and all of those things are for Him, not for other people.

What would you like to say/how would you express appreciation to your parents? They have had a bigger impact on me than they could know. Through all of the late night drives home after losing a game, to the giant hugs after winning, for all of the times you have dropped everything to be there for me, for equally giving four kids love and time, and for serving as the perfect example of selfless love even through all my lows, thank you.         

What would you like to say to God? Thank you for testing me and pushing me to be a better person. Thank you for giving me this life and please help me to live it out for you. I know there will be battles, but with you I know I can overcome them all.           

What would you like to say to our church family? Thank you for being there for me and my family through it all. This church is a special place where any one can feel welcomed and loved. Each person will make you feel a part of a family and everyone here has had such a huge impact on my life.                                                                                                


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