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Munyon, Kyla.jpgKyla Munyon

College Station High School    

What town were you born in? College Station, Texas

How long have you gone to A&M Church of Christ? All my life  

School/Community Activities:    I’ve been a member of the CSHS Student Council throughout my years there.

Church Activities:  Middle School Retreat, Soul Link, High School Retreat, Winterfest, Uplift, Paint-O-Rama, LTC, Camp Cornerstone          

What are your plans for the future? Stay home, in my pajamas, and relax!           

What memory of growing up in this church sticks out in your mind the most? Discovering Mr. Shaun has a key to the soda closet when it was occasionally locked and I needed a Dr Pepper.              

What is your favorite youth group memory? Going on the zip-line at the high school retreat.                              

Who is your favorite Bible character? Why are they your favorite? Jesus             

Who has had the most influence on your in your spiritual growth? My mom      

What have you learned during the Covid-19 quarantine and by school finishing earlier than expected? See above comment for plans for the future!               

How would you like others to see you (what do you hope they would say about you)?   As their friend.

What will you always remember about going to church at A&M Church of Christ? The singing!  I love to sing and dance with my church friends!                             

What are some ways you would like to serve God in your life?   Volunteer work, where I can, with my mom.

What would you like to say/how would you express appreciation to your parents? Biiiiiig huuuugs!            

What would you like to say to our church family? I would say thank you to Mr. Monty and Mrs. Monty for all my years in the youth group. They were great!

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