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Donaldson, Olivia.pngOlivia Donaldson

A&M Consolidated High School


What town were you born in? Wharton, Texas

How long have you gone to A&M Church of Christ? 16 years

School/Community Activities: Swim Team, Choir, Lifeguarding   

Church Activities: Middle School Retreat, Soul Link, Camp Cornerstone, Waco Mission Trip, High School Retreat, Winterfest, Uplift, Sunnybrook Mission Trip, Valentine's Luncheon, Paint-O-Rama, Illuminate, Trek, LTC, Houston Food Pantry, Cozumel Mission Trip              

What are your plans for the future? Working right now. Then majoring in Art Education-haven't decided where yet.

What memory of growing up in this church sticks out in your mind the most? Having great Bible class teachers and LTC coaches that really cared. Playing with friends after church.

What is your favorite youth group memory? Trek was the most challenging adventure I have ever been on and also the most rewarding. Also, the Sunnybrook Mission Trip was definitely a highlight. Interacting with the kids there was a lot of fun.      

What is your favorite scripture? Why is it your favorite?  All of the Psalms - it is about praise and struggle and shows us that both are ok.       

Who is your favorite Bible character? Why are they your favorite? Job - he lost everything and suffered but did not give up.

Who has had the most influence on your in your spiritual growth? My mom      

What have you learned during the Covid-19 quarantine and by school finishing earlier than expected? I graduated in December so it didn't really affect my school experience, but I have gotten to spend more time with family since they have been home more.

How would you like others to see you (what do you hope they would say about you)?  That I try not to judge others. I am loyal and a free spirit.

What will you always remember about going to church at A&M Church of Christ? That people here are committed to praying for you, love you, and never give up.         

One of the most important events in my life so far is... graduating early ?? not sure        

What are some ways you would like to serve God in your life?   Being accepting of others.

The world would be a better place if: More people loved and accepted each other even with their differences.   

What would you like to say to the younger teens in the youth group? Be yourself, love & forgive each other.         

What would you like to say/how would you express appreciation to your parents? Thank you for loving me and supporting me and always being there to encourage me, no matter what.   

What would you like to say to God? Thank you for the beauty of nature.              

What would you like to say to our church family? Thank you for the support, opportunities, encouragement, love, and prayers.

What have you learned about God lately? He shows up in surprising ways, even when and where we least expect Him.       

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