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We're so excited!  This summer our high school group is going to Uplift, and we want you to go with us.  Uplift is a truly incredible week.  A time to worship, learn, grow closer to friends, praise God and have fun.  At a time when life seems to get more complicated each day and living for God sometimes seems more difficult than it should, you need a week to focus on God.  It's a great chance to enjoy being in His presence, hang out with old friends while making some new ones, and get away from all of life's distractions.  We believe Uplift will be one of your very best weeks of the year.  You'll see all of the details about dates, costs, sign-up deadlines and everything else you want to know on this webpage.  


Some of the Big Details about Uplift:

Date: Saturday, June 15 through Thursday, June 20, 2019

Location: Arkansas, on the campus of Harding University

Sign-Up Deadline: April 13 or May 5 

Cost: $230 or $250 depending on when you sign-up.
         ($100 deposit due at sign-up.  This deposit is non-refundable.)

Who Can Go?:  Students currently in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade

Should You Go?:  Yes, absolutely!  It's going to be a great week.





Additional details about Uplift can be found below.  When you are ready to register, use this link to go to the Uplift registration page:

***Uplift Online Sign-up Page***




Here is some helpful info about the Uplift sign-up page (link is above on the right):

1) On the first page, you will see two choices: 

        I already have an account (if you registered online last year)
        I do not have an account (and you can create an account)

2) We are going to Session 2, June 15-20

3) A picture of your son/daughter is not required (there is a place to upload a picture when you are inputting information)

4) The sign-up form is a little repetitive...they will definitely know your son/daughter's name by the end, ha.

5) On the page where you put your Youth Minister/Sponsor's information, you can use the phone number 979.693-0400.

6) We strongly recommend not putting social security numbers on the form.  This is a "required" blank on the form, so just put 11111 or something similar instead of the social security number.  (If you do not want to put your insurance policy number, you can just put "not sure" or 11111 or 00000 something similar.)

7) When you finish inputing all of your son/daughter's information, you'll be taken to the payment pages.  Before you can pay, you will see a page where you can buy "camp insurance" for $27.  Details of the policy are listed on the page.  Unfortunately, the "No, Thank You" button is kind of small at the bottom of this page.  The two choices are "No, Thank You" or "Yes, Add Protection."  This protection is from an insurance company and has nothing to do with our church.

8)  If you register before April 13, you should receive the discount rate of $230.  If you are being charged $250, you may have forgotten to click a button during the registration process saying you are signing up by April 13.  Contact the Uplift people using the "Contact Us" button.

9)  If you do not want to use a credit card, and you do not want to use a check, let us know and we can help.  You can pay the church and we will take care of the payment.

If you need more time to pay the deposit, let us know and we can give you a sponsorship code which will allow you to pay later.

And please know:   Uplift is saying that the deposit is non-refundable.  (It is possibly transferrable to another student, but not highly likely.)  If there is a family emergency that keeps your son/daughter from going to Uplift, they will likely refund the money.   


Here are some other details you might want to know:

- Can we invite friends?  Of course.

- What's the best part of Uplift?  Well, depends on who you ask. 

- What's your favorite part of Uplift?  Oh, glad you asked.  We were kind of hoping you would after the previous answer.  Other than the obvious spiritual growth that happens from spending a week focusing on God and His truth, we absolutely love the group time each night.  This is 1-2 hours our group has just to talk about the day, the lessons, and what God is doing in our lives.  This is really a unique part of Uplift, and is one of the reasons we love this camp.

- Is it true that a traveling circus will be in the Bryan/College Station area during Uplift and we will miss it?  No, that's just a rumor.  Kind of like the rumor that the state is almost done changing exit and entrance ramps on Highway 6 by a few hundred yards at each exit. 

- How do we get there? Our church buses.  You could also ride a bike if you prefer.  However, your camp dates would probably need to be something like June 12-23 instead of June 15-20.

- Did you hear about the guy who lost the left side of his body?  He's alright now.

- What if we do not like to ride with other people from our church on the buses?  You're mean.  Don't even think such thoughts.  Besides, how could you not like riding with the other awesome people from our church?  Oh, you were just joking?  Sorry, we thought you were being serious there for a second. 

- Can this webpage be more know, without the great pictures and funny jokes?  No.

- Electronics at Uplift?  No, sorry.  It's a technology-free week.  One of the greatest things about summer camp is the chance to disconnect from technology and distractions.  Because of this iPods, radios, DVD players, tablets, portable game systems, and computers are not allowed at Uplift.  As far as phones go, we will ask everyone to check in their cell phone when we leave.  We'll distribute them multiple times throughout the week to let you call/text family and friends.  For any immediate needs during the week, we'll be glad to let you use your phone or our phone.  Your parents can reach you through Monty or Heather's phones for emergencies.

- One time I went to the mall and saw someone wearing an Uplift shirt.  That's not a question, so we can't answer it.  But good job at being observant.

- What if I'm planning to play pranks, stay up late or break rules at Uplift?  Don't go.  Or better yet, decide to not break rules and be nice to everyone and you can go.  In all seriousness, if you sign-up for Uplift, we expect that you will do the simple things like: stay awake during worship and classes, follow instructions of teachers and counselors at Uplift, be where you are supposed to be when you're supposed to be there, eat when it is mealtime, go to bed on time, respect the facilities and dorms at Harding and not mistreat or abuse them in any way.  And we also expect you to do the things that are sometimes more difficult like caring for others, being Christ-like in all situations, treating everyone as the brother or sister in Christ that they are.  Uplift is a great week, but we want to make sure you know the expectations before you sign up.

- What if money is tight? We've got a limited number of full and partial scholarships available for Uplift.  Talk to Monty if you need one of these.  We can give you a sponsorship code to enter when you sign-up.  We DO NOT want you to miss Uplift for financial reasons.  Now, if you're using a scholarship to go to Uplift and then heading down to Starbucks to buy coffee everyday, well, then maybe you should save some Starbucks money so you can go to camp.  But if you're managing your money well and still don't have enough for camp, then we want to try to provide a scholarship for you.

- I've still got questions.  Will someone please answer them?  Yes, call, email, text, or talk to Monty or Heather or their electronic answering assistant, Jethro, anytime.


We really, really believe Uplift is a week that can help you grow in your relationship with God in an incredible way.  Hope you can go! 


Uplift 2018


Uplift 2017









 This is a promo video we made a few years back.  We hope it will give you an idea of what Uplift is about.  Enjoy!

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